Wednesday, January 13

A Baby Story

Remember that show on TLC, if its even still being shown I haven't had cable since before we were married. Anyway, this is our non-videographed, non-photographed week. SO here we go...

He finally showed up at 10:12pm and I was stitched back up before 11pm. Lucky.

In brief, we went in to get my water broke at 7:30am. They didn't break it until almost 10 though. Then several hours and many many laps of the floor later, we were dilated from a 4 to a 5.

Several more hours later I started getting tired, and we had regular contractions so I chose to get some happy feeling drugs. Stadol - a fancy opiate that makes you feel floaty and hear giggly happy ladies in the hall (Daniel says he didn't hear them). Then I asked to try the jaccuzi tub since I knew we couldn't have any more of the floaty drugs within 1 hour of giving birth, but i was dilated to an 8 and they told me no way. Those were the most painful 2 cm ever.

Anyway, we started pushing and the contractions started getting farther and farther apart. Plus we were making no progress. All that was happening was I was pushing his head into my pelvic bone which caused main for me and bruising for him (he still has bloody eyeballs, though the facial swelling is gone).

The doc said we needed pitocin to get the contractions coming faster and stronger, and asked if I wanted an epidural at that point so I could get 30 minutes to sleep and recover some energy.

Well the epidural didn't take, and then time was just a blur. I know the nurse gave me some more stadol at one point but mostly I wimpered in pain as the anesthesiologist gave me 2 booster doses and they had me lie in my left side. Once the pain subsided I slept a little which was awesome. Right around 10pm they had me try pushing again to see if it looked like anything would happen. And yay it did!

Thomas came out head, ball of cord, then body. He had the cord wrapped around his body 3 times and had a true knot in it to boot (hence the ball of cord). He weighed 9lbs 2oz and was 20 3/4 inches long and aside from the war wounds, he passed with flying colors. He also got his cord and placenta sent to pathology thanks to the knot. Go him.

We have pictures here.

He is mostly not puffy in these and we haven't gotten around to taking more. Yes lazy. Well, I think we got a couple on the digital camera, but the battery died, and I haven't recharged them yet.

Oh, and I might change the date on this post to make it seem less lazy. Then again, meh its only been a week since we got home from the hospital.

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