Wednesday, January 6

We are home!

No energy to give the detailed post Daniel promised of me. Wasn't that sweet of him :-)

Anyway, we saw the snow start around noon and high-tailed it out of the hospital. I guess it was about 2pm when we got home. Partly because we left the cake behind, and we needed that cake. Alice ate about half of it when we got home. Then after a couple of temper tantrums from Alice after I gave Daniel a list of everything to buy from the store so we could hole up for the weather tomorrow everyone took a nap.

I woke up around 5 and Daniel had already woken up and spent a good 30 minutes on the phone with the insurance asking about the prescription coverage and got info for adding Thomas to our insurance as well.

Then while he was gone Thomas woke up crying. I started trying to feed him and Alice woke up and got VERY loud asking for Daddy. Finally I figured everyone needed diaper changes (myself included because lets face it I am essentially in diapers at this point). So I carried Thomas to Alice's room and I told her to get in bed with me.

I am supposed to try and avoid stairs if I can. This should be interesting to say the least. At least I have Daniel at home for another week.

Its sort of crazy to think that Thomas isn't even 48 hours old yet. Life seems pretty chaotic with Alice wanting TONS of attention from me and trying to snuggle or something with Thomas' head. He is sleeping in our room in the co-sleeper right now. We will probably be heading to bed soon, but I figured Alice wanted some parental 2 on 1 attention. So she got it.

P.S. We bought Zelda Twilight Princess for Christmas(ish) and Daniel has already commented that its very engaging. I think the sword play is his favorite so far. And I can see our house getting super clean in the next few days. Having 2 kids will force us into more structure in several areas in the house.

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disillusioned said...

Welcome home--and I hope you get some sleep!

Mary P.