Sunday, January 3

News on the Baby

1. We are still pregnant. We have started getting phone messages checking on us though. Sorry to disappoint, but this kid did not want to be born in 2009 or on New Years. Lets all hope his goal isn't Chinese New Year. Seriously, we have had all these 'signs of labor' and then nothing. I am sure part of it was his sensitivity to the forced family togetherness in a bona fide blizzard (we were declared a disaster area by the state, lucky) since he had dropped at 37 weeks and had moved back up some at 38 weeks just before Christmas.

2. We have successfully completed 5 days of a 'bedtime routine' with Alice that has ended in her sleeping in her bed, alone, for a good 12 hours. She does seem to be more tired looking in the morning, so we wonder if she is restless, but since she goes to sleep between 7:30 and 8:30 each night and sleeps all night I figure she is ok.

3. We spend 3 hours wandering around stores yesterday. Add walking a lot to the list of things that DO NOT induce labor. Alice loved it. She has had a little cabin fever lately since its been freaking cold, Daniel hasn't been working, and with church canceled too, we haven't gotten out of the house much in a few weeks now. We bought some thermal curtains to cover our front door. It need some weatherstripping added to it to stop the drafty areas, but due to procrastination, we just needed something to make it feel less cold in the house. So $50 later we installed curtains over the door, and threw a blanket on the floor to boot. (I will actually make a door snake when I don't have a baby in my butt any longer.)

So yeah. As I told my RS president (who left us a message and has been checking the baby announcements in the paper) I fully expect to be at church today. Especially since its in less than 3 hours. I am not sure how much we will like 9am church. It might be awesome, but having to wake to an alarm is the down side. Well not now, since i wake up at 5am or earlier, but once the child is here. I think I want biscuits for breakfast. Yum. Food.

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