Tuesday, January 19

Our First Day Out

It was torture to say the least. Here is the rundown.

Saturday night Alice screamed yelled and cried until super late at night (maybe midnight, maybe later its hard to know). Inconsolable toddlers are not my forte. Nor are they Daniel's but he has to deal with her mostly since I have my own parasite.

Sunday we tried going to bed at our 'normal' time of 6pm. Alice took a 2 minute bath, then tried to crawl into bed with me. Daniel took her to her room. Alice crumples into a ball and wails.

Monday morning we all get up at 6:30 to take Daniel to work. Alice crumples into a ball crying because we woke her up.

We pick up breakfast on the way to Daniel's work. She refuses to eat it. She crumples as much as possible into her car seat crying because she is holding her shoes instead of wearing them. I put her shoes on.

We drive home and go inside to let her eat her usual breakfast while I feed Thomas. We have to be at the doctor's office in 2 hours. Change everyone's diapers. Change clothes. Stop Alice from the pounce attack on Thomas. Alice crumples on the floor crying.

Feed Thomas again.
Change diapers again.
Grab the diaper bag, car seat, and Alice's shoes.
Get everyone prepped and leave.
Find parking spot.
Get Alice's right shoes on again.
Put her hat on her.
Carry Thomas and hold Alice's hand across the wet drippy parking lot.
Find the elevator out of order.
Alice crumples on floor crying.
Walk across hospital to find another elevator that is working.
Alice falls down wailing in front of this elevator.
Other people get in line for the elevator.
Patience thin.
Get on elevator.
Alice stands up from floor and leans on my leg, still crying.
Get off at 3rd floor.
2 steps off elevator, Alice crumples to the floor and starts crying.
Wish Daniel's work number were programmed in the cell phone.
Vow to never take both kids to the doctor with me again.
Repeat every 3 steps to the doctor's office.

Temporary reprieve. The doctor's office has a water dispenser. No wailing, small mess. Time to calm down.

Go back to visit. Feel stressed out. BP looks great.
Bring up birth control.
Consider happy pills, but decide to give it another day or two without Daniel before getting some.
Alice tries to jump on Thomas. Well, succeeds really.
Hold Thomas.
Pass Thomas to a nurse and shed clothes for a peri check.
Alice gets mad and grabs my shoes and coat.
Alice cries because Thomas left and we didn't.

Get things stared at. Alice enjoys it (freak).
Get dressed.
ALmost forget car seat.
Put Thomas in car seat.
Walk to lobby.
Pay front desk.
Begin walk back to car.

Elevator functional.
Take elevator down.
Walk outside.
Alice refuses to hold hands.
Alice hold hand behind her to avoid me.
I steer her down the sidewalk and not into the parking lot.
Alice wants to play in some rocks at the curb.
Alice crumples to the ground.
Alice gets coated in black sand/salt/exhaust muck.
Alice flips out because she is dirty.
Drag screaming Alice across parking lot to car.
Car follows us for our parking spot.
Put wailing Alice in car.
Put Thomas in car.
Put self in car.
Drive home imagining what sanity must feel like.


disillusioned said...

Okay--twin stroller--then Alice can crumple all she wants--but she'd be strapped in. Will keep my eyes/ears out for one.

Good luck, and I'm sorry!

Mary P.

Julie P said...

You are so brave. I have a hard time taking just Caleb out... let alone two kids!!

Kate said...

hahahaha Seth said: "who needs birth control when you have a toddler."

I can't imagine taking a NB and a toddler out with just one person. Feel free to call me next time (or anytime really). I would love to take Alice for you to help you save some of your sanity! :)