Monday, January 25

Ugh sickness

I hate having them in my home. Alice had a runny nose last week. Thomas got a stuffy nose. Now Alice is hoarse and freaking obnoxious. Thomas is crying constantly (for him). And I am so sick of getting snot rubbed onto my shirt/arm/Thomas. Even worse, Alice really really wants to hold Thomas. I doubt its because she wants to kill him, though it appears that murder is on her mind. Instead I assume she wants to go to sleep, and she wants to sleep with him. But it took me all morning to get him to sleep, so I don't care what she wants.

Oh, and I am super sick of changing poopy diapers. I mean for real. Save it for an hour people. That is all I ask. In one hour, Daniel will be home to take over diaper patrol.

I blame Daniel's co-worker who has been out with a sick kid since Friday...and probably passed the virus to him who came home and touched Alice and she decided to get sick from it. For the record, Daniel is not sick. Of course not. Only the one that gets into things and the one she attacks are sick.

I think a 6pm bedtime will happen tonight.

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