Wednesday, January 13

Dishwasher Disaster!

Its been a long day. Alice has made it clear that for her to be tolerable during the day we have to put her to bed at 6pm (well at least start bath time then). This way she can go to bed and sleep until 7-8am and not be a total terror all day from tiredness (she refuses to nap any more). Thomas and I did nap on the couch. During Snow White. That is one freaky movie in my opinion.

Anyway, I noticed a smell like melting plastic after the movie was over and Daniel was starting to play some Zelda Twilight Princess. I sent him to investigate. There is one thing we DO NOT need, and thats a fire in the middle of winter with a brand new baby in the house.

So he goes to the kitchen and after a bit I hear him putting dishes away, so I assume he found nothing that was the source of the strange smell. I have this super power of smell still, so for all I knew it was coming from the neighbor's side of the duplex and we wouldn't know until our side was on fire too.

After a bit Daniel comes back in holding the silverware rack that goes inside the door of our dishwasher. It had come apart somehow while the dishwasher was running and it fell down onto the heating element in the dishwasher.

Thank goodness for my super scent capabilities! If it had gone the entire heated dry cycle we might have actually had a fire. We would have at least had some noxious fumes to deal with. Luckily its above freezing, so we left the front door open for a bit to air things out.

Disaster Averted! And, I think the silverware rack is still usable. Just sort of mangled at the bottom, so it won't stand on its own on the counter.

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Kate said...

That's exactly what Lillie does!!! Bed at 6:30, sleep until 8, no nap anymore.

Glad to hear a total crisis was averted!!! :) Call if you need anything!