Sunday, January 24

Its almost been 3 weeks!

This was our first week without Daniel at home to help out. I admit there were a couple of days that were pretty yucky. One involved Thomas hitting the 2 week growth spurt leaving me with virtually no sleep. Daniel took an hour of unscheduled paid time off that day. We also have eaten out WAY too many times this week. Its called, I made WAY too many pasta freezer meals. Plus there are a few of them that we really don't care for, and even the ones we like we don't want to eat twice in the same week. Looks like we might need to actually meal plan. Then we won't run out of milk, forcing Daniel to wake up at 4am and getting milk before work tomorrow.

This week we bought a WiiFit. So far we all like it, and its motivating us to do something in the way of moving. I know the WiiFit it not a real fitness routine, but its better than nothing. Plus, it is sort of fun to do as a family. Even though you have to be 3 to actually do any games, so Alice can't really do anything. She still likes running around and 'playing' with us. Oh, and the fact that they weigh you all the time...yeah that might be motivation as well.

Perhaps that also leads to the idea that I should make us a menu for the a rule. Or follow one that I already have. That makes me sound really lazy huh. I even have weekly menus that I paid for, and haven't really used. There are other medical reasons to do things. But, we don't go into that.

Today I got told I was getting officially released from working with the cub scouts next Sunday. Sweet! So is Daniel, but he is getting another calling, so its not like he is calling free. I am, fortunately, down to only TWO callings. Oh yeah. Calling freedom.

Oh and we weighed Thomas on the WiiFit last night. Without clothes, but with a light flannel blanket, he was weighing in at over 11 lbs. I don't think Alice was 11 lbs at 3 months. There is another large baby in our ward (he was born at 10lbs and it was all natural! of course the poor mom was in labor for almost 3 days). I was talking with his mom in the mother's lounge and he is about 2 months old and weighing in at 15 lbs. I think Thomas is trying for that as a goal.

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