Friday, January 22

Umbilical Granulomas

Ever heard of one? Its sort of common. No one knows the cause. Its supposedly easy to treat.

What happens is that after the cord stump falls of there is a tiny tree of baby in the hole. That wouldn't really bother me. Its the oozing. And the inability to use cloth diapers (because they come up too high and cover the stump risking infection).

Disposable diapers stink. Literally. It's a combo of baby powder and chemicals. Yum. Plus they are expensive when we already own diapers.

Anyway, we called the doctor and had Thomas' gut looked at. Then they put silver nitrate on it. He cried. Dr. Riorden said the granuloma/tree is pretty large and we might need a follow up treatment in a week. Yeah. We will.

The gut was oozing when I changed the 1:30am diaper. Some oozing should be normal in the first 24 hours. Its still annoying.

Thomas might be a real expensive child if this turns out to be something else. Like oozing from his bladder or GI system. The kid did have a super fat cord. It would make sense that the giant knot in it affected things as well. If that is the case he will need surgery. I don't know how much I want an infant in surgery. So lets hope the oozing is the "might have gray oozing in the first 24 hours" and not a sign of expen$ive thing$ to come.

*At least I have had more than 4 hous of sleep so far tonight. Yesterday was a different story and it was torture. Not to mention that all I ate was sugar until dinner...and that was pizza. Alice was also sleep deprived, so it was a cranky achy day.

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