Thursday, July 31

Two Weeks til Doom

So... the count down has commenced. I have two weeks until I am going to be working full time and going to school full time.

When our hometeachers found out they in unison almost as if they had rehearsed said "Are you crazy?" I think it's because they're in school now. More so because they're um... what is it? Oh yes, Grad students. I actually sort of think atleast one of them might be a little concerned about what will happen after he actually gives in to leaving school. *edit*

I'm supposed to be home teaching tonight. Rebecca reminded me. I don't remember setting up the appointment. I think it might of been set up about 6 or 7 weeks ago which would be why I don't recall it. I know, I know it's the last day of the month but BUT!! We set this up before the month began, so we're not slackers. Don't worry.

I don't really blog much, I'm sure you've noticed. It has to do with a general non-use of the computer at home. I'm only blogging now because I needed to take a break from talking to Rebecca and calling her again for 5 minutes or so didn't seem worth it. Man it's nice that I can type fast. This is only like 5 minutes worth of effort. WOOT!

Rebecca was challenged to a typing test, and she had me do it for her so that she could waste her sister. The ridiculous thing is it made me feel like I sucked cause I could barely get 80 out of it. But if you want an example this is sort of how it is: apple mongoose love kingdom Ralph spoon walrus cribbage etc... Just random words right after each other.

I'm rambling, but it's because I don't really have time to think of a coherent line of thinking in which to really post about. Time is crunching in, I'm trying to get some Final Fantasy XII out of the way before I have to not have free time. I'm hoping my home teachers are over-estimating how bad life will be. It's not like people don't do full time school and full time work. It does happen and it is possible to do it and do it well. I know it is.

Anyway, blog I must go. I am a dead man walking or something like that. 2 weeks til death. :-O I hope I survive death. I like exaggeration. :-)


Sam said...

Word dead man.

Way to be man. School and work can be hard, but I'd be willng to bet that you'll adjust nicely. I've known several people to work full time and do school, including my wife and good friend Dustin.

It seems funny to me that your hometeachers both think you're crazy for doing so. Do they work at all? Or perhaps, since you said they are grad students, they get paid doing research.

At any rate, I think you're making a great decision.

Beccamon said...

How did Sam get the first comment? Oh, thats right, he is on the list of getting our blog sent to him. Like our own private stalker.

Sam said...

I read both of your blog entries quite often. Admittedly I scan through them sometimes (if they're long). Its kind of fun being in the know as to your private lives.

I mean, is it wrong to stalk people? (j/k)


TPlayer said...

That's kinda sad to refer to one of your home teachers as "scary" when in the blog just previous you actually mentioned your home teachers by name...I say be glad you have home teachers. I've never even met my home teachers and I've lived here almost a year. Daniel, are you secretly my home teacher? LOL

nannergirl said...

One of your home teachers is scary. And I think I've only seen him once. Truth be told that most grad students are pretty scary.

Beccamon said...

yeah, Daniel proably hasn't read that post yet. And Lyd is right...grad student's are scary. Its not thier faults though, the classes they take suck thier souls.