Thursday, December 17

As I hear about people showing up for Christmas, I am getting stressed out.

The living room looks like it belongs on an episode of hoarders.

Thats almost an exact quote from Daniel. He did add the qualifier "if everything were stacked higher."

What can I say. Alice likes to spread the newspaper ads around the living room. And he was at a cub scout committee meeting until 9:30pm (don't even get me started). And suggestions to go upstairs were met with wails. It didn't help that around 8:45 I was given flip flops and my coat to put on so we could go find Dad. Luckily she couldn't find her own coat so it wasn't 45 minutes of incessant complaints.

We took a really long bath.

Until Daniel FINALLY got out of the cub scout meeting.

We were supposed to have Elder Nielson and whoever is his current companion over for dinner tonight, but we both forgot and Daniel is working until 7pm since he is done with school for the semester.

I guess its good that it didn't work out. The living room might take me 2 days to clean if I follow the Hoarders speed of cleaning. Though I have no problem tossing all the food ads as well as the box of envelopes Daniel let her take from the computer room when he was in there the other night. So really, as long as I don't get pain from bending over, it will take about 15 minutes.

Ugh. I don't want to clean.

EDIT: The hoarders comment was really unnecessary. I got it cleaned during an episode of Elliot Moose as well as starting a bunch of pork marinading to make some Chinese BBQ pork. (I am gonna try and make steamed buns, lets see how bad that fails.) I did take 2 bags of trash to the can, but one was from the full kitchen trash, and the second was mostly milk jugs. Sometimes recycling is not worth it. Besides, those things biodegrade in less than a year.

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