Wednesday, December 9

Winter Wonderland!

So its really pretty outside. But its cold. Stinking cold. Like currently its 10 F outside. It of course feels colder. And temperatures are supposed to keep on dropping. It was 14 F at 6am when I was watching the news.

Last night our power went out. I got up to go to the bathroom at 1:11am. Fell asleep and when I woke up to go to the bathroom again it was 1:17.

Ok it wasn't really 1:17, it was actually about 5am.

Its also super windy. And yes I did take the trash can to the curb. Then I promptly said 64 was not warm enough in the house and turned the heat up. Because it must be at least 55 degrees warmer than the outside.

I think Alice and I have mild colds. Not really snotty or coughs, but sore throats and tiredness. She has been taking naps and falling asleep at 5pm (a trait I would mind less if she weren't starving at 5 or 6am). I have heard her tummy growl before 6am. Its sort of amusing.

Since its cold and Daniel brought home a carton of eggs last night, I supposed I should bake today. Though the quilt and sleeping heater do make me want to stay on the couch instead. Maybe after a little nap I will think about baking again. Especially if I still feel cold because I am not wearing a sweatshirt.

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