Friday, December 11

Its the Weekend!

This week was sort of long. Alice and I got a mild bug of some kind that involved lots of sleeping and some frequent diaper changes/toilet trips.

I had my 36 week OB appointment. No impending signs of the spawn coming. Yay. We are having an ultrasound next week to check on the kiddo and see how ginormous he is gonna be and to check on the size of his kidneys.

Daniel is going to call one of the supervisors at work that offered to give us their old chest freezers this weekend. They are even delivering it. Sweet. It shall be filled with lots of food.

WE are also gonna be steam cleaning the carpet. There is an overwhelming scent that appears to have come from someone whose name rhymes with Malice and doesn't like to wear pants. Lucky.

Oh and Daniel has completed 1 of 4 classes. This weekend he has to finish them all. Well, by Monday night is the official cut off. He plans to be done this weekend if possible. Then sweet sweet school freedom.

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