Thursday, December 24

Random 3am Blog post!

Out power has been out twice in the last 4 hours, and for about 2 hours each time (actually for all I know the most recent time it was much longer). It has been fun. I guess. The power came on right before 3am. Daniel told me when I got help to get out of bed for potty time.

Because the power went out we forgot about our home teachers coming over at 6pm. We went to the store around 5:15 because we had no lights and we needed a few things anyway. We also forgot to call them. Oops. Our neighbor was home and our power was on when we got home, and he told us we missed to big guys in a 4 wheel drive. Oops. Daniel called them and left a message. At least the power was still out when they came by, and since everyone's power was out we hope they didn't stick around too long.

I bought some extra candles just in case the power goes out for a long period of on time again.

We went to bed pretty early tonight. I think I was out by 9pm. Alice is even in her own room. I don't know if she has a bed mate though. Perhaps. Anyway, by 3am my body decided it needed 1. to pee and 2. food. I took care of #1 before I was aware of #2, but all the growling and stomach pains led me to the downstairs and a bagel and the laptop. But the bagel is gone, so I think its time for me to go back to sleep.

Oh, and we had a doctor's appointment today. The child had dropped at my appointment on the 18th, but luckily he is way up high again. I am glad I don't have to worry about having a kid on Christmas. In a week I might say something different, but for now its a guarantee I won't be in the hospital for at least one holiday.

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Becca said...

ll, I meant twice in the last 10 hours. Dur.

But yeah it went out again after I ate some food and blogged. I just hope it stays on the rest of the day today and tomorrow. It will suck if we have no power on Christmas. My parents would be fine with us going to a restaurant, assuming one is open on Christmas day, but I will still have a 8lb ham.

Anyway, hopes for the electricity staying on!