Monday, December 14

Toshiba Customer Service

So far its a fail.

1. We tried to file a claim online about the laptop power plug in thing being jacked up...and it said the laptop was not registered.
2. We tried to register the laptop and it said we had to call customer support.
3. We call customer support and they claim our year warranty is expired.

(We bought it at the end of February 2009. Our extended warranty claims they will not repair anything that should be covered by the manufacturer's warranty.)

Oh an the issue (loose thing where we plug in the power cord) is a COSMETIC issue. Yet it broke our power cord.

(and the AC adapter is not covered because its not NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR)
(AND THERE WAS A FREAKING RECALL so they won't cover the issue anyway. We didn't find out about the recall because we 'weren't registered')

Total freaking crap.

Today is a day for swearing. This whole thing is the last straw.

Daniel even got so mad he yelled at her and when they finished the conversation he threw the phone. I really want to scream and yell at people except that takes way too much effort. I really just want to swear a lot.


disillusioned said...

Not that this solves the Toshiba problem--but I purchased a new power cord kit at Office Depot. It's not exactly cheap---but better than nothing! It doesn't help charge the battery very well (I have to keep it plugged in most of the time), but works!

Mary P.

Melinda Beth said...

In my experience, warranties are FULL of loopholes! (meaning that they will give any excuse not to cover something) Although you might want to call the customer service reps loopholes too. :) That almost sounds like swearing.