Monday, December 21

Dragging dead bodies down the stairs

And other fun midnight activities.

At 12:30am I awoke to lots of noises coming from somewhere. Daniel was not in bed, so I initially thought it was him. But no, it was the neighbors.

They had strange music going (typical with them, but usually not enough to wake us) and there was this strange thudding noise. Almost like they had several 10 year olds at a sleepover running up and down the stairs with suitcases of their peers. Thud, thud, thud. Thud, thud, thud.

I made Daniel go knock on their door after 1am when the noise KEPT going. I mean for real, if you throw a suitcase down the stairs its loud, but it doesn't last for 40 minutes. Well, they didn't answer their door but their dog started barking REALLY loudly. Daniel got creeped out by the whole thing and came back after a bit. He heard them as he was coming in our door yelling at the dog to be quiet.

I hoped that would deter them from whatever was going on over there, but the body getting dragged around sound kept going.

I made Daniel call the police and make a noise complaint.

It just figures that the thudding AND the music stopped right before we heard the dog start barking like crazy. I assumed that was the cop showing up.

Within a couple of minutes the music started up again. But the dead body has been disposed of. I guess its an improvement, but I am still awake and its after 2am. It makes going to sleep at 9pm seem a little pointless.

Unrelated note: child is gonna be a chunker. When they measured him at the ultrasound he measured in at 8lbs 3 oz (though that number might be slightly off due to his waist circumference being at the 98th percentile). Even losing 20% (the standard deviation) he is close to the weight Alice was when she was born. What a chunky monkey. Or maybe he is a shorter baby. Its hard to know. I just know that out of 4 measurements of his head and 4 measurements of his stomach, one of the head measurements was the same size as all 4 of the stomach measurements. Go him.

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