Wednesday, December 2

Just in time for the holidays...

The laptop power cord no longer functions.
That just figures.
Though I assume the problem is with the loose metal piece you plug the power cord into.
And here we were hoping we could get away with not sending it in for repairs until after Daniel finished school this semester.
It sure fooled us.

Goodbye internet on my couch.
See you in a couple of months.
I won't be sitting on a regular chair at the computer, that was torture enough at 24 weeks, let alone 35 and beyond.
At least we have an extended coverage warranty (not that its been a year, in fact it was broken about 2 months after we bought it, but it still worked most of the time and it was nice to have 2 computers when Daniel was in school).
Boo on you Toshiba, boo on you.

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Michelle said...

We had that same problem with our Toshiba. I guess it's a common problem with them. We had the service plan from Best Buy and after fixing the same problem 3 times, they called it a lemon and gave us a new laptop. We got a Sony, which is awesome. Don't think that helps you much, because Toshiba basically told us tough cookies when we called them about getting it fixed, even though it's a known problem with the laptops.