Friday, December 4

Children are Overrated

Or maybe its just having your own. Pregnancy is a time when people laud adoption. Maybe its just me. But still, I would be willing to give 20% of our income to not be pregnant. Only I don't want the kid yet.

I woke up with evil central/lower back pain that according to the internet (the be all end all source of knowledge at 2am) is either ligament pain from having my body ripped apart from the inside out, a UTI or kidney stones, or dehydration.

This week has been absurd. We got home from Florida Saturday. Tuesday we had cub scouts. Thursday (yesterday) there was LINK followed by a Relief Society Meeting in the evening with a cookie exchange.

By the end of LINK (which took longer than normal because we had so much food left over that needed labeled and put away) I was feeling parched. Milk really didn't cut it. Then I got a soda from McDonalds because caffeine cures all. Only it didn't. Then with the Relief Society meeting I didn't drink much. I should have taken a water bottle.

Plus I ate lots of bad for me foods. Too many sweet breads/cookies and too little actual food. Not to mention that I didn't really eat a meal except for my sandwich when I got my pop.

And I have a platter of cookies in the kitchen from the cookie exchange. I am thinking of making Daniel take it to work with him. Just to get it out of the house.

Of course then I will have to cook food for me and Alice. Because I don't want any of the multitudes of leftovers we have. And I have no idea what I want to eat let alone cook. Even whole wheat toast with butter tastes sweet to me right now. And its not unsalted butter. I just have issues.

Like I said, pregnancy is over rated. Maybe next time we will just get an older kid. They are easier to adopt cause no one wants the kids with issues. But at least they aren't parasites like feti are.

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Melinda Beth said...

I don't like pregnancy either and I'm on my 7th round. For some reason I forget that I don't like pregnancy after I have a baby. I get horrible lower back pain too. My uterus is tilted from having babies and it likes to sit on my spine and cause pain and I'm only 16 weeks. I've had the back pain from the hormones making my pelvis all loose too. That usually hits me around 5 months. At least you don't have much longer to go!