Wednesday, December 16

In 9 days

There will be (probably) 10 people in my home clamoring for food. We have a 1000sq ft house. It should be fun.

I will be 38 weeks pregnant and NOT cooking Christmas dinner (that's why God created grocery stores that sell already cooked holiday dinners).

I will eat some of the most expensive ham I have ever owned. (Daniel got a gift certificate for a Honeybaked Ham, those things are like $15/lb or so.)

I will have a freezer full at least 26 meals for after the baby gets here (maybe more but there is a full on write up and a majority of ingredients in my fridge for the 26 meals).

My house will be clean, at least in theory.

Not eat pizza for at least a month. Frozen pizza is only so good when you eat it several times a week due to its convenience.

Now I just need to:
Buy the rest of the ingredients i need for the cooking as well as a huge stack of 8x8 foil pans for all the meals, hello dollar store/checkers (3 pans for $1 at checkers).
Get Alice better because the "owie pee" is annoying (what she says when she is poopy, and since she has a stomach bug...lets just say its often).
Find some yummy recipes for quick breads so I can have the oven on keeping the house warm all day.
Cook something for us to eat now. Maybe I will just make a freezer meal recipe and eat one today. I just need to find something I want to cook. And eat. And I am afraid it will involve pork steak since there is a HUGE stack if it in the fridge. At least it isn't tuna.

(Notice how the majority of this post revolves around food? Well, since I haven't gained any weight since Thanksgiving I figure there is no problem obsessing over food. Of course the doctor appointment before Thanksgiving I gained 6 lbs in 2 weeks. So I can't be too happy about the weight thing. I will probably go up another 5 lbs in one week soon.)

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