Monday, June 30

Ace Plumbing, bah

So we ripped off the back of the house Saturday, or I guess it was Friday. We discovered the AC was 'fixed' by some caulking and door weatherstripping all around it. So today the guy comes to fix the AC. He says because there are saw marks on the bigger pipe its our fault and the warranty won't cover it. Then he says it will be about 250 to fix it. So we said ok, not thinking the $60 was his to keep no matter what, and not thinking that it would cost $315.88 on top of that $60.
Anyway, after he walks into our house twice without knocking (i mean for real I could be breastfeeding, and you can knock.) he makes us pay, says that no one gives free estimates, and leaves. I was pretty pissed. He said We cut it, and its our fault. So maybe we had an enthusiastic helper, but it was not us, and don't imply we are stupid and flipping this house like you. This is our first home, and we just want it to be secure and not mold, or leak, or whatever.
I go look, and the pipe that he says we nicked is, STILL nicked. WHAT the FreAK! I got my camera, found batteries and took pictures. Then I see he trampled my garden. He also walked through our new grass thats only a week old, leaving very obvious footprints. I mean really man, we have stepping stone thingies. I am so pissed. I wish swearing made me feel better, but at least blogging does.
So we call the warranty people and they say we can have a second opinion, but they have to recieve his report first. I took pictures. I was pretty furious. I mean what the hell is the warranty for, if its not gonna fit things like that. Seriously, the "cold pipe" was never the cold pipe. The second pipe that he says might have been sealed with caulk because it has lower pressure was the only one that was ever cold. It is also the one with a hole that had no freaking nicks that weren't oxidized. He also had the audacity to say that he used some type of metal sealant on the pipe and didn't charge us for it. Whatever. The only way to complain is to contact the 'president' of the company too. I wish some conniving mind would sign them up for lots of spam or something. I am just annoyed about the whole thing. Paul W. from Ace Plumbing is a jerk, and I am standing by that.

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Remind me not to make you angry. Every day.