Tuesday, June 3

Some New Years Resolutions?

Well, that isn't really accurate as it's not New Years at all.

Anyway, everyone who lives at the house knows something about me that I might as well type out. I've been listening to pretty much exclusively church things at work for the last 3 work days. This has had some pretty amazing results.

1. I actually enjoy my job now/again.
2. I am doing considerably more work than I'm actually required to do in order to be considered a good employee.
3. I'm starting to actually feel like there's some things that I should do that I haven't necessarily been doing and things I shouldn't do that I have been. This is really why I'm writing.

I don't know who was talking, but I pretty much have the feeling that I should just go ahead and stop or almost completely stop playing Runescape. And I can here Rebecca rejoicing. It doesn't really provide anything useful. I don't even have friends there, so it's not like I'm being someones friend. I'm just there sinking my energy and thinking about something that is completely irrelevant both in this life and the life to come so... I should stop.

Henry B Eyring said that when he was younger he saw his father doing something and the spirit whispered to him that he didn't have the experience just for himself but that he should write it down. From that day onward he wrote everyday something about what had happened in the day and before he wrote he thought... What has the Lord done in our family today that I can see or something around those lines and he actually noticed things he hadn't before! Well, I'm not saying that I'm going to write everyday of course, but what he said touched me or maybe what he didn't say touched me. And I think I should write more often if not daily focusing more so on the same sort of things, it's not like I won't have the time especially if I'm not playing that game.

I have an increased desire to actually DO my hometeaching! What the? I think I might have to call my companion today who was going to be setting up appointments and see if he's gotten any, and if not how I can help because well. I want to do what I'm supposed to do. Infact, I don't want to just do what I have to do I think it'd be great if I actually got to be friends and have some real concern for the people I'm supposed to be watching over... Especially since that's what I'm supposed to do. Wouldn't that be amazing?

Also, I'd like to start spending more time actually studying on my own. On the ride home from work I had the thought that maybe I should take up memorizing scriptures again. I think that's a good idea, but if nothing else I might crack out our copy of Preach My Gospel (which I've never really used) and actually work out of that or atleast get scripture suggestions for memorizing. On that note listening to the lessons from Preach My Gospel in an audio form is very very excessive. They're soooo long! I can't imagine anyone ever giving the entire lesson as a lesson which is good because that's not how it's designed so... yeah. That's good too.

Well, I might have more things to say but we have to get going so that we can get to institute on time. Have fun nosy warriors.

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