Monday, June 16

Water water everywhere

OK for real now. What is the life lesson I need to learn regarding water?

We went to bed a little late because we had stayed up putting together a garden wagon for hauling dirt from the front of the house, to the back ofthe house. Maybe 30 minutes after falling asleep Daniel says someone was knocking at the door.

Our dishwasher exploded.

It flooded the neighbor's kitchen. Ours too. Daniel found the in hose (that pipes in hot water) when we were mopping up water. Yes thats right all of our towels are yet again wet. Sweet.

I am tired.

President Ezra Taft Benson (one of the prophets I was alive for, but didn't really remember) said: 'The Book of Mormon is the instrument that God designed to “sweep the earth as with a flood, to gather out [His] elect.”' But we read the book of mormon this morning. I think. We must have, we read Doctrine and Covenants before bed, so that means we read BoM in the morning.

Read about the flood here:

Its a pretty good article, and I only skimmed it. I sent Daniel over to the neighbors to see if he could help since its technically our fault her kitchen is flooded. Geez. Water used to be one of my favorite compounds. So amazing. Now its just copious and I am sick of it. When I discover the hidden truth, and have had more sleep I will share it. For now, I seek more water to remove the evidence of the other water. Good old showers.

I can't believe its still Monday.

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