Friday, June 27

House repairs are nutso!

Ready for the French Drain update? So our grass is beautiful! We seeded it a week ago, and its all coming in thick and dark green. The sod on the other hand...yeah its brown and dying. Looks like we will pull it up, pitch it, and put down more seed.

Things that happened today: The back of the house has been removed. Ok not the whole back. I just think of doll houses where the back is open when I say that. When we pulled off the back stuff it was all wet and gross inside. In fact, we also discovered the air conditioner was leaking freon. The previous owners (gotta love them) had wrapped the in pipe in the door sealing tape (you know the weatherproofing stuff) then caulked the heck out if it. So once the caulk was removed and the paneling taken off, it was very obvious what was going on. Well, I thought it was white mold, but no. It was ice crystals. Sweet, we were colling the wall, and keeping water in the wall as well. No wonder we have black mold growing on the back wall.

So we stapled up a whole pile of plastic sheeting to cover the wall (since its supposed to possibly rain on us overnight). And that will be finished tommorow. We don't even have to replace all that much insulation.

Oh, and guess what. We bought house paint. It appears that half the house is slightly lighter than the paint we bought from sun fading, but thats fine. Oh, and I bought satin finish. Why? Because its pretty, thats why. Whats on the house? Flat. Do I care? No. We needed an excuse to repaint anyway. Besides there are several places where we need to sand, reprime and paint so there isn't the strange peeling funky wood thing going on. But, whatever. I got the panels we are using for patching painted and in the garage. Yeah, getting the more expensive stuff is worth it. I think the whole 5 gallon bucket might cover the entire house. Well our side that is. And it will happen too. Even if I have to incorporate a painting party.

As for the little monster: Oh yeah, Alice got her 6 mo shots yesterday. She has been, of course difficult. I carried her around in the strap on carrier for 3 hours until she fell asleep on me. Then I put her down and painted. She has grown even longer. 26 3/4 in and 15lbs. So her weight percentile has gone down, and her heigth shot way way up. Thats right, only 17% of 6 mo old babies are longer than her. Can you believe she has grown almost 8 inches longer since she was 2 days old? The doc didn't act like we need to worry about her weight, but if she doesn't start to pack on the weight, I may get concerned.

Oh man, I finished this, but I am adding to it cause its too funny. So when we took Alice to ger her shots, she started wailing before she even got stuck. Why? Well they have these oral solution immunizations. And, you guessed it, they are a loverly syrup of anti-illness. Well, Alice is at that special time in a girls life when she hates all things sweet. Case in point: applesauce. I gave her a bite (her first taste) she immediately pushes it out of her mouth, and onto the bib. I show Daniel (because he has never seen her reject a food) and he thinks its funny and offers to eat the applesauce. Then he commenced patronizing her by holding her and offering her more bites of applesauce. I am sure this traumatic memory (sarcasm, sarcasm) was triggered by the forcing her to eat the sweet medicine. So she is beet red and on her back wailing with just the oral solution. Funny at the time, not so funny when we give her baby ibuprofen and I end up with most of it on my shirt while she cries as well. Somehow broccoli can solve all of her problems, though she prefers green beans.

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Anonymous said...

Did you know that Alice means blizzard warrior?