Tuesday, June 10

An Earthquake??

I came downstairs this morning to find the giant puzzle picture, kept above the mantle, on the floor. What the heck?

The little mirror, 2 pictures (one of which has a glass frame) and our little "Family" photo album (also glass) had come crashing down.

What the heck?

So as I was cleaning up broken glass I realized the giant picture came out unscathed. How lucky. The Melbourne Temple picture, from the COwards, broken in the corner. The glass frames "Sweethearts" picture of Daniel and I, totally destroyed and the picture was wet. Naturally we had a cup of water there after our DDRing last night also fell, and the shattered frame allowed the picture to get wet and adhere to the glas that was not broken. Bah.

The photo album, was of course soaking. I have all the pictures pulled out and drying on the living room floor. The paper liner stuff that was in each page is somewhat destroyed. Luckily none of the old pictures from my paresn't wedding and from when I was 5 or younger were destroyed. The strange thing is I heard what sounded like a rattle fall, but cannot see one of those anywhere.

Oh yeah, and my pen basket is deaded. Totally crushed under the giant puzzle picture. Thats probably the only reason why that glass didn't go crash as well. Oh yay Alice is wet again.

Did you know if a baby is starting solids for the first time, thier poo smells like what they eat? I don't know if I ever want to eat oatmeal again.

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