Wednesday, June 18

Tommorow, or rather today, is another day

Today is Daniel's first day of parental leave. We have discovered many fun fun things.

1. The french drain that was put in by the previous owners is about 2 feet down.
2. The pipe they put in is not perforated...meaning it was totally dumping water out when we pulled it out.
3. The pipe the put in was about an inch or so from the surface...wierd.

So yeah. Thats fun. Alice has started waking up in the middle of the night (like 3am) and wailing for about half an hour or so. Then going to sleep. If I try to feed her she bites me. She is not wet. So, my conclusion --> Teething. Poor thing. Teeth pain sucks.

So after doing some research, it looks like the problem with the playstation 2 (which we discovered was broken after not being able to sleep after the kitchen flood) is pretty bad. The laser is probably broken. A company on the internet will fix it for $50. Plus you pay shipping both ways. Yeah right. We can buy a new one for $120. Why would we spend $70-80 to get it repaired, and not even have a warranty. Daniel might try and repair it himself, if you can buy parts.

So Alice is asleep for a nap. Maybe we can do better about naps today, and have her sleep through the night without random screaming fits. It could be that she was falling asleep when my family showed up and wanted to play with her.

So if its our fault the neighbors kitchen flooded...which it might be. Aparrantly the insurance adjuster said there is supposed to be some kind of clamp??? attached to the pipe that takes water into the dishwasher. I have no freaking clue what he is talking about. He is coming by tommorow to check it out. if the "master plumber" at home depot was wrong that sucks.

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