Monday, June 16

Ah the random baby emails...

So when Alice was still in she was still a fetus...I signed up for silly emails that told me, you baby is the size of a kiwi, grapefruit, or whatever. Typically it was a random fruit or vegetable, which was fun. Anyway, they continue after birth with the whole What to Expect in this week. The tips for the day are about teething.

Five signs your baby may be teething:
• She looks like the winner of her own personal wet T-shirt contest.
• When she chews on her fist, the expression "self-cannibalizing" leaps to mind.
• You've exhausted all other explanations for her crabbiness.
• You've exhausted all other explanations for your crabbiness.
• When you look in her mouth, you see teeth.

I thought the first two were funny, the second 2 reasonable...but come on. A sign she is teething...there are teeth in her mouth? Way to state the obvious internet. Way to do it.

Anyway, in news of the house. The hols still has small amounts of water in the bottom. As long as it actually doesn't rain today, it should be dried out by tommorow morning when 4 missionaries attack the remaining few feet of ditch. Then a small slop from the side of the house to the drain means TaDa! We have no more chance of flooding! That is unless the promise to Noah was a lie. OK OK enough blastphemy.

So anyway, we get to go buy some more stuff from Home De Pot. And axe (with a pick at the end, if we an find one) and a wheel barrel. Probably a smaller one since we have a tiny plot and all, we don't need a huge one.

I went to the store with Alice already and got an anti-itch stick. I bought the benedryl one because it was the same price as the skeeter stick, but contained things I know are analgesics...I mean sure you can use benzocaine to stop the 'itch' but technically thats just gonna deaden the area. I also have considered connecting the dots on my ankles with markers and making anklets...but for now its just Benadryl. Thats what I get for wearing cute shoes and rolled up jean cuffs. 4 inches of ankle and top of foot just asking the mosquitos to eat them. Alice has a few dots on her head, but luckily she doesn't understand scratching. If she did, I would call the doc and see what they recommend. Well, I am off to see if this new found stink is a water leak...or just some random article of wet clothing that has been left for too long. I would not be suprised to find some wet alice item that has been allowed to become one with the spores. Does mildew spread through spores? I know mold does.

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