Monday, June 9


So you know what's a little ironic? It rained... It rained a lot. I was wet, I got so wet that all of my clothes were sticking to me because I went around and found out just how bad it is. All directions slope downward towards the front of our house. And focus just at the immediate front. Awesome? I bucketed out the area for about an hour just to help keep things under control and then what happens? I woke up a couple times during the night and now the time I actually get up because... I NEED to DRINK? I think that's my problem anyway. How dare I become dehydrated when I was all wet and covered in wetness and stuff. It just doesn't make sense.

Anyhow, we're thinking in order to fix our problem it could be as much as $1000 and as little as a few hundred. That means I'll probably have to work over time which will kind of blow. Currently the most over time I could possible do would get us about $300 a check, but that's 2 weeks of it and yeah, ugh. So in order to raise $1000 would take about 2 months... Ugh? Oh well. I guess I can just get over myself and get to work. I still feel dehyrdated I guess it's time for more binge drinking.

Have fun blogger.

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