Monday, June 9

Rain rain go away

Well yesterday evening, on the lovely day of rest, we got yet another rain fall. The Forcasters predicted we would get 3.25 inches. The worst part was that at least 2 of those inches fell within half an hour. Daniel ran around watching the water rise and found out the front corner of our house is the lowest spot around. Not just compared to Steve's duplex which is a foot higher, compared to the other side of our duplex as well. There was a small river of water running from thier side on the sidewalk in front of our house, and just pooling there. We had started digging a big hole, and Daniel got a bucket and bailed water from the hole (which was by where the hosue was flooding (yet again) for about an hour. The neighbor Steve came out and said he hadn't seen it this bad, and that they had put a drain in the front. Supposedly the drain should be routing water away from the front of the house, but the water was up to our ankles and totally covered the Welcome mat, so it wasn't working.

I checked out our home insurance policy and found out we have covereage for we are going to call and see if this is covered and then maybe get some estimates. It might end up being something that would be cheaper than our deductible ($1000) but if we get it taken care of through the insurance, we might be able to get the carpets steam cleaned, and if necessary, the insulation replaced where the house is flooding. I took some pictures, but of course, not ones that show the water level on the house, though the fact that it was coming inside past the frame is an indication, it was pretty high.

Daniel slept really poorly last night. He was up at 2am, dehydrated and stressed out about the idea we need an extra $1K. It looks like with doing lots of overtime it will take about 2 months. Of course, if we have to spend any money we will jstu use the home equity line, but still. How crazy. Obviously this has affected me too since Alice woke me at 5:30 to eat an I didn't go back to sleep. The worst part, at least in my mind currently, is that the living room is again trashed. Pulling up carpet in the corner and moving furniture to the middle of the room does that. Maybe I will try and get some more sleep, or at least go wake Daniel for scruiptures.

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