Wednesday, June 4

Thanks, Scissors, lost $

So I lost the WIC checks. Oops. Worse, I lost the check from the Bishop. I have torn the house completely apart and (mostly) put it back together again. Whew. No sign of them. Oh well Daniel has an excuse to talk with his home teaching companion and see about setting up the HT. What a catastrophe. That looks like its spelled wrong. What a strange word.

I have also decided to take up scrapbooking. I have done it once before. I scrapbooked my trip to New York with the EHS Chorale (it was right after graduation). So I bought a "All-in-One kit. It has a notebook, paper, a pair of scissors, gluestick, and all sorts of little punchout thingies. Of course while looking for the WIC checks (I think I lost then while at Walmart however it has not shown up in the Lost and Found yet) I found my old scrapbook and yes its in horrible condition. Plus the darn thing has never fit on any of the bookshelves I have ever owned, so it has just stuck out funny, or sat in a box everywhere I have lived in the last 8 years. No more. I decided to try and put the pages in plastic sheet covers (like the kit I bought) and put them in a 3 ring binder type scrapbook. That was a good idea until I realized the pages were 15x13 (with about an inch or so in the spine area. So say hello to chopping the pages in half. I just think that if I get a uniform (and relatively inexpensive) way to scrapbook I will get it done.

This morning I went through a pile of scrapbooking junk. I had gathered all wedding/baby/christmas/birthday cards together in preparation of scrapbooking fun. And then Alice insisted she needed to eat, so I decided I would start putting the cards into the scrapbook. The first few I put in, I put the whole card in, with some comments about who it was from and what they gave us for the wedding...then I got smart. I ran across a card from Kirsty, Ellyn and Michelle. They had given us towels and there was cute comments about happy drying, happy marriaging, and someother somewhat silly, but perfect thing in there. I had to have them visible. Posterity needs to know that "mommy" or whatever I am called, had rocking friends. So I took the scissors and chop chop chop. Perfection. Then I did it for a few more. Sweet! Now we have something. I even took a page completely apart and put it back together again with chopped up cards. Lets face it, some of the people wrote really nice or funny things and I wanted to share that with everyone.

What can I say, I am proud of myself. I have started a hobby, and so far, its really exciting. Too bad I cannot find that CD of wedding pictures Julie took for us. Dang it. I am gonna ask if she can make us a new CD. I was going to copy the CD for my mother, then I thought, hey I can jut order copied of the pictures online and pick them up at the store...but I can't find it anywhere. Thanks to that I took the computer room apart yesterday. I found Roller Coaster Tycoon Deluxe, and RCT II (not as good as one, but not horrible) I also found yet another copy of The Restoration. I think we are going to need to do some missionary work just so we can give it away. That sounds wrong, but lets be honest, we should be doing missionary work anyway.

I also wrote all of my Thank YOu cards for teh Fetus Party...yeah that was circa 2007, but I didn't have thank you cards, and I didn't have the motivation to take care of it befire either. Now its done, we just need some more stamps. I found a few 39 cent stamps, and used all my 2cent make up stamps. Its unfortunately now 42 cents, so each one got 2 stamps. Oh well, at least I used the stamps. So I need a few more addresses, and the stamps and I can be dome of all this. I feel pretty good about the whole thing. I know Thank You notes are a little antiquated, but they are nice, and any mail thats not junk or a bill is exciting. Trust me, I know. Plus I even printed out pictures of Alice for some of the relatives that live far away, and my Mother who wanted pictures to show off to people. I have been so on top of things.

Last night we went to Institute. Its Church History...a subject I find dull and boring. Daniel was pushing to go, and I like institute, and i had a temple recommend renewal interview anyway, so we went. It was...interesting. I learned some stuff, but nothing doctrinally based. I know I have a copy of the textbook though, so I think reading the lession beforehand will make it more interesting. One nice thing about Daniel working an earlier shift is that we can go to institute classes now. Sweet!

Thats odd, I looked at the bookshelf and I have everyother institute manual EXCEPT church history. See told you I don't really like it...never really have.

Tonight I do VT-ing...we are playing DDR with Alexis. Yeah thats right, we will find something spiritual in there I am sure...yay for having Fun with the people we VT. And we got another person on our list. If I am not careful we will have 8-10 people on our list. Oh well thats 8-10 more friends, right?

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