Thursday, June 5

Whats that funky smell? And other fun times

Situation #1: So yesterday we had a DDR revolution for Visiting Teaching. Good times! I was ok, but the others kicked my trash. It was probably Alexis' good vibes for having a birthday coming up! Yay for birthdays. Of course that did not stop me from cooling my body in the amazing way created by Heavenly Father. Ok I was sweating like a horse. (Did you know sweating like a pig is not a correct statement since they don't sweat? That's why they lie in mud pits, it helps them regulate their body temperature.)

So in Situation #1, I was the funky smell. Next time I will visit the anti-smell stick.

Situation #2: Daniel noticed a 'mildew' smell when he came home from work and sat on the love seat. I had noticed it earlier in the day, but assumed it was the dirty diapers. 99.9% of the time bad smells in our house are related to the baby's butt. I left for the DDR time and when I got home, all sweaty and gross, I very much noticed the mildew smell. Yuck. I made Daniel start diapers. I was sort of rude to him as well since I had asked him to start them 2 hours before when I was leaving for Visiting Teaching.

He did, and that didn't improve the smell. So he began investigating. OK, the carpet smelled ok in front of the love seat, as did the cushions. Maybe it was his pants. (That made me laugh) He pulled them off and smelled them, nope not mildewy. Then he finds Alice's strap on baby carrier. Man that thing reeked! It was like a combo of "smelly cat" from Friends and death. Heavy on the death.

Under the carrier was a little pink was wet and also vile. Then he noticed the tile in front of the fireplace. There was water on it. The entire corner of carpet was soaked! We moved the love seat into the dining room, moved the TV and stuff over, pulled up the carpet and found out the under cushion was also soaked. Yeah we have like 10 sq feet of nastiness in our living room.

Bonus: The living room looks huge without the love seat in it. We might retire it, or give it away or something.

So since last night (we went to bed pretty late because of this) we have had the overhead fan on, a standing fan on, AND the carpet is pulled up so both layers can dry. What a mess. Know anyone with a steam cleaner? We will probably have one soon thanks to this. I had been thinking about getting one at some point since we will probably own houses with carpet for the rest of our lives, but this pushed it over the edge.

Situation #3: This morning we woke up 'early' ok it was only half an hour earlier than usual. Read scriptures. I was feeding Alice while Daniel went down to start the big dig! Its supposed to rain this afternoon and we wanted to get the soil away from the house in the area where it flooded. Later we will figure out where the drain pipe that disappears into the ground goes. (That might be the big cause!) So right now we have a hold next to the house where the flooding is, and I dragged a 35 gallon trashcan of dirt into the garage. (It will be even heavier if it gets rained on) Anyone need some top soil? Some of its really good, some of its clay.

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