Monday, August 24

And they burn, burn, burn!

Daniel hasn't got home yet from his night class.

Alice (after I sat in the dark next to her bed with my hand on her stomach) cried for 1/2 hour for Dad. I left because she was sort of asleep and I was getting sore sitting on the floor next to her bed for an HOUR. I decided if she was still crying when Daniel got home he could deal with her. She hasn't cried for 10 minutes though, so I think he is in the clear.

Alice and I sorted through some of the pantry. Enough to consolidate all cans to the bottom shelf. Not enough to sort by can type. We have an absurd amount of foods where we have 3-4 cans of that type. Surprisingly enough, we are nearly out of several things that we bought in May as our '3 month food storage.' Looks like those were sure bets on things we eat lots of.

I was having some rather bad heartburn and drank OJ cause it sounded good. I fell into a burning ring of fire.

Daniel carried in the car seat just now because I am getting picked up for an enrichment committee meeting Thursday morning. (I also have an OB appointment tomorrow and am taking the car, but its the thought that counts.)

The mini series Tin Man from the SciFi channel is really good. We rented it from the Library. I have watched all three hour and a half episodes. It was Wizard of Oz enough while still be totally SciFi channel. They had a pretty decent budget.

I am really tired, but Daniel should be home by now, so I blog.

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Chelsea said...

Tin Man caught my eye. Have you heard of They have newer movie releases you can stream online (or the option to download). has a database you can search and watch online. They don't have Tin Man, but they have tons of other shows! let me know if you have any questions on getting it started.