Thursday, August 27

Enrichment committe meeting

I sent a whole pile of cherry tomatoes away today. It was great.

This morning I had an enrichment committee meeting at 9:30. Daniel has night class today, so I got picked up. He has been commissioned to find or create a carpool tonight for his Thursday night class. Even if its just for one night. Even if he just pays someone $5 to take him with them.


Well, next week will be crazy for me. I have LINK during the day. That means I will have 5 million things showing up at my house to drop off at the church that hosts the meal. I also had the university ward request to drop things off with me because no one had space that could drop things off in the middle of the day. Its totally fine, and really not a big deal because I don't care if they show up late. I won't be here. They can drop it off at the church. I don't have to call all the people and remind them what they signed up for. I don't even have to be concerned that they don't have enough servers for their ward.

Its great.

I by the way, have 3 servers and will be picking up and dropping off the Sister Missionaries as well as my trunk full of food around lunch time. Including my casserole.

After that I need to make a big pot of potato soup and peanut butter fondue for our enrichment activity that night. I hope our yellow flowers Helios (maybe black eyes susans, but some type of sunflower thing) are still in bloom because I want to pick several dozen for centerpieces. If they die we'll use something else.

We also did some more detailed talk about what we are in charge of for Super Saturday. FYI, it will probably be great. All of the crafts should be around $2 or less (super YAY!) and most of them sound interesting. You know, except for one that sounds totally dumb. But, the young women loved it and are teaching it, so its all good. Its just really not something I want to deal with.

Plus, we are going to set up baby sitting swaps for the temple trip! That means both spouses can go and not have to worry about someone watching the kid for 9+ hours, you will just swap for one session. I hope lots of people come if we set up that way. Plus, Daniel and I can both go with no worries about the kid.

Totally unrelated baby note:
Walked to the appointment on Tuesday. Daniel still had the stroller in the car. We were very slightly late because of it. Also had trace amounts of protein in the urine. They said it might have been from dehydration. (likely since I left the water bottle at home on accident) Have a sono next time to make sure the baby is doing ok and get measurements. I was measuring 3 weeks bigger than I should be. Next time we will be right on the 3rd trimester cusp. Crazy stuff huh.

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Together We Save said...

Sounds like you are very busy. Hope everyting is ok with the baby. I struggled with dehydration during my 3rd pregancy. But she is fine a beautiful 12 yr old girl now.