Wednesday, August 12

Scouting Fun, a post midnight post

Today was a little crazy and pregnancy insomnia is kicking in hard core, so I am awake. At 1am. That means you guys are BLESSED with my presence...well written presence.

So tonight as we went into the church for cub scouts, I got asked by the primary president if I would be a sub. Hmm, yeah sure. I mean, I have 3 other callings, but why not add occasional hanging out with kids on Sunday.

About scouts. Its complicated. Or at least odd. You see, since last April we lost half of our cubs. Not to birthdays, but to moving. We also lost the leader to the Bear Den, and the leaders to Webelos moved away with thier to cub scouts. That means yours truly and Daniel are the sole den leaders.

We also have a pack master/leader (supposedly) and an assistant pack leader who is one of the ward clerks. I say supposedly about the pack leader [or whatever its called] because since we got the calling in February we have seen him maybe 5 times including the blue and gold banquet and the pinewood derby. For the record, he is supposed to join us on the 1st and 5th Tuesday of the month for pack meeting. Well, now we are meeting with the other cub scounts on Wednesday nights for Pack meetings. So, I am not sure if that means he is gone or not but in my opinion its not a real loss if he is gone. He seems to know a lot about scouting, or maybe camping, and he supposedly helps lead a community scout group, so I assume he is AMAZING at that, and just doesn't have time to deal with us.

Anyway, we are now trying to find any crossover between the Wolf and Bear requirements (trust me, there isn't that much) and we will let the assistant pack leader take care of the Webelos.

So what did we do? We started a cub scout scrapbook. Now, I am not a scrapbooker. Not in the true sense of the word. I have done a little and its ok, but I don't have the time (or really desire to find the time) to cut up paper and glue it to other paper. Especially since scissors, glue and markers are all weapons in the hands of a toddler.

Isn't especially a funny looking word?

Anyway, one kid REALLY did not want to be there, and he REALLY did not want to participate, so I gave him my camera and let him go to town. I figure why not. We need pictures of the 3 awesome cubs that showed up, and maybe it will keep him from playing with his dad's cell phone for 5 minutes.

We did 2 pages. They insisted that they could put the pages together sideways and it would be fine. I figure, its thier scrapbook, why not. (We plan on doing photo copies for the parents at the end of the year.) I may help by making a cover page, but they can put whatever they want into the pages about thier den.

I don't really know if it was huge success or not. I know our Wolf (it was his very first scout meeting) was enjoying himself. He told Daniel that he is 'creative' and part of the page he designed included a sketch of a wolf chasing an 'Indian.' I wasn't quite sure what to make of that, but I will chalk it up to creative-ness.

Anyway, I sort of hoped the pack scrapbook would be a bit of a funds sucker. We have a rather large budget for the year, and we have used almost none of it. Yes, and the year is over halfway over. We might end up buying lots of stuff for the scout closet in December.

OK, thats enough of my unorganized late night rambling. If you all know of any cub scout type of projects (you know besides friendship braclets or building a birdhouse) let me know. We can try and add in something requirement related, if its not already there. I think we might plan on doing the soda pop detectives activity next time. Why not? Right? Of course, we will give them the soda toward the end and have some ball toward the end to help burn off the sugar.

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