Monday, August 17

Rain, rain, go away

I actually like rain. Except when its been raining for 5 hours and a look at the radar map shows no sign of hope. In fact, over half of the state is getting heavy rain and from the way its moving those cloudy hours will most likely be raining hours.

Over the weekend i picked a whole pile of cherry tomatoes. I didn't know how many there actually were, so I went out Saturday morning and started. I just put them in my pockets and continued around the shrubbery that is the tomato plants. I cam back in and had a good quart or so of cherry tomatoes. Pockets of my sweats totally stuffed. I already had a couple of cups worth in the fridge (to avoid gnats! the bane of Daniel's existence, second only to ants).

Speakign of the garden, at some point this fall we need to add about 5 bags of compost/manure. The soil level has been getting lower and lower, so it needs raised before next year. I also need to get my butt around to cutting the cherry tomatoes in half and salting them so I can dehydrate them. I didn't feel like it Saturday, and I can already see more tha need picking. If it ever stops raining enough to go outside.

There is a giant puddle in fron of the house, and a few in the back.

I am reminded that we need to fork over the cash to get a reel mower. You know, the push kind that aren't powered. The kind that is safe to use with a toddler playing in the backyard because the won't throw tiny rocks or sticks. We also should probably seed the yard again. But, its rainy so no more thinking about grass seed.

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disillusioned said...

Ya..I was thinking of going to the Traditions Night tonight. Now I'm wondering if they'll still hold it in the rain....blah!

Mary P.

P.S. I have successfully been a little more productive today. Although I am tired of exercising inside (cause it's either too rainy to walk in the rain, or too hot lately!)