Sunday, August 23

I want a Pantry Makeover!

Erin over at $5 Dinners is promoting a $250 pantry makeover in the form of a $250 gift card to the grocery store of your choice! This is an extra entry, and what follows is yet another, so enter if you want (though I want to win, so personally I discourage too much competition.

Anyway, since I don't care if people think I am messy, plus this is in a closet so it seems ok to is our pantry! Sorry its sideways, I can't be bothered to figure out how to turn it. I used to know how, but then I lost my brain to pregnancy. This time next year I can probably figure things like this out again.

Let me explain. Our pantry is literally the only place we store dry food (aside from the plastic storage containers that we have things like flour etc in). As you can see though we do have back up food for the containers in the pantry though. If you look closely behind the tater and onion bin (empty BTW, onions are pretty gross this pregnancy) you can see non food items that are just in there. I also forgot that {nearly} all the pasta as well as canned tomatoes and pasta sauce are in giant plastic storage bins in the computer room.

The multitudes of bags at the bottom are holding things like cereal and random canned foods. Because obviously i didn't have room for them on the bottom shelf or any of the other shelves that are holding canned food. Some are hard to put away because I have like 2 cans of that food item.The other bags are bags of grocery bags. (Don't ask why i keep so many.)

You know, its funny that I want a pantry makeover, when really a couple of hours or moving and organizing will make over my pantry quite soundly. But hey, with an extra $250 I can totally complete our '3 month food storage' as well as pick up lots of easy foods for when we add another kiddo in a few more months. Even if I don't win, I will probably try to do this in the next few months. Just cause it needs done.

Oh well, lets hope I can get it done for only the cost of my labor instead of labor and money.


Kate said...

good luck!!! :) if you need any help, just let me know!

The Prudent Homemaker said...

What could help is pulling out your permanent, skinny shelves, and replacing them with deeper shelves that can hold more weight (perhaps metal ones; we did this before and bought shelves at Lowe's).

Keep working on building up your 3-month supply!

Anonymous said...

Since I no longer have a pantry like I did up north I had to reorganize all my kitchen cabinets hence the kitchen makeover. I'm still working on getting more food storage but at least I have a place to put it now. No I'm not doing storehouse items because its too much food for two people besides I don't like most of it. I'm actually storing what we eat. But getting a makeover sounds wonderful .Gar

Becca said...

Actually the built in shelves are rather deep, at least the lower ones. The closet is under the stairs so the top two shelves are far more shallow than the bottom ones. I measured them and they are 18 inches deep, and they hold lots of stuff.

I actually made cardboard can rotators, and found it too tall and not deep enough to make more of, so I am modifying the plans to make them loadable from the front, and fit the space better.

I will lost after we do a few more, and it looks more organized. (though I went through most of the stuff today and we have like 4 cans of almost everything, so its time to buy more!)