Monday, August 10

My Life, and how it should be

This is how life should be.

1. I should always remember to pay the mortgage before its due date. I shouldn't realize on August 10th that I didn't pay the mortgage. I shouldn't have to pay $3 for my forgetfulness. Yet, today I have.

2. We should clean our house top to bottom Saturday, in preparation for Sunday. You know, Saturday is a Special Day. Instead, Monday morning reveals a completely trashed home. Yes, even the rooms that were spotless, and steam cleaned Friday due to a diaper removal, stepping in and freaking out by Alice. (I was going to post about that, but I ran out of time).

3. I should be able to order these water barrels for the people in the ward that want to have water storage. Unfortunately the company is out of the 30 gallon size. Small bonus, the 55 gallon barrel is the same price as the 30 would have been. I just need the ok from the people ordering them. Sigh.

4. I should have my food storage organized. You know, at least all in the same place. Yet, I have several cases of bottled water in the dining room, one in the computer room, and one in the trunk of the car (that one was on purpose at least). I also moved some cases of #10 cans from the dining room to the computer room. I think all of it is in the same room now, at least. Of course, this weekend we go to the cannery and add a whole pile more food storage to the list. We are getting pouches this time! Don't want to put all our eggs in one basket.

5. Speaking of food storage, I should have my cocoa in jars already. I think I even have enough plastic Miracle Whip and applesauce jars for that stuff. I just need to be prepared to coat my kitchen or dining room with cocoa. Maybe that will happen today since I thought of it before noon.

6. I should have some baby shower gifts sent out in the mail (and for that matter done!) Instead I have half done projects on the dining room table.

Does anyone else find it reasonable that I am avoiding the dining room? EVERYTHING is in there. Of course, I have moved some things around and its a little less disastrous in there currently. Thank goodness, cause its sill pretty dang scary in there.


Kasi said...

haha, I love this. I am totally the same way.

Chelsea said...

oh man, i know what you mean. I have at least 4 babies i shoujld have gotten gifts to. now it's almost too late to send them...

also, I was telling some peeps in the uni ward about the water barrels and apparently they didn't get your it too late to order? do you have the info still? if it's too late, no worries.