Tuesday, August 18

Sickness Diagnosed


Must buy stock in Tums Smoothies.

Apparently it can lead to coughing which in my case leads to cookie tossage. It also explains the added fatigue. Lucky me!

Sadly I have lost the bottle of Tums. Or rather Alice has. She thinks they are candy and will carry the bottle everywhere. Oh well, heartburn is way better than sickness. At least no one can catch it from me.


Anonymous said...

so this is obviously late-but congrats on the new bun in the oven! when are you due?
and ps you are the homemaking queen.

Chelsea said...

want some more tums? we always have a bottle in the house...i feel like I always have indigestion or heartburn. It's sad when you get old like me

Becca said...

Nah, we have plenty of the cheap-o walmart brand, they just taste way nastier. I am glad I only have this while I am pregnant. If I always had heartburn I would probably shoot myself.

Melinda Beth said...

I had heartburn REALLY bad with my first pregnancy. I took Tagamet and it really helped. I'm glad you are diagnosed!