Friday, August 28

Play dates in the Park, and lies we tell others

Well, not technically a play date. But a play in the park day, nonetheless. Don't you like words that just seem like run on words?

Anyway, we met at a fenced and gated rubber tire park. I think the park is named for some kid, but the main lure is the gated fence. It means kids stay in and away from traffic.

Alice had fun. She followed some kids around. She monitored the gate between the big kid stuff and the smaller kid stuff. She even slid down several slides on her own! Though mostly she went backwards and on her belly.

Then we came home, she drank some Dr Pepper and passed out in my lap. Sounding like she has a disease in her nose.

Good times.

I also have to admit I lied today. I told "Discover Cards" today that I was Daniel. Yes, I know, not the most truthful of moments. But seriously they have called every single day for the last 2 weeks. I have chewed people out for the last week about calling during the day. Why? Well, he works during the day. Surprise. I told one guy to specifically put down to not call during the day yesterday.

So today when a woman called asking for Daniel I said that was me. No one said Daniel is a gender specific name. Now get this. I found out they are offering the SAME service we said no to two months ago. Lets see, I can get my credit report monitored for free online (though I can't remember who its with, but seriously totally free we both have accounts). Maybe I will pay the company that owns our credit card to do the same thing. For a free Experian credit score!

I don't think so.

If they call back I will request to speak with a supervisor and perhaps even consider switching back to a different household credit card. You know, one that didn't call every other month offering services. One that is also in my name as the primary, so I can tell them to not call back and they believe me.

Either way, lets hope the credit monitoring service they are trying to sell stops calling. Lets also hope that I get the house in reasonable condition. At least the living room and dining room. Cause we are feeding the missionaries. And, if we end up eating Arby's roast beef sandwiches, I won't feel bad at all. Especially if we serve them with salad or something semi-healthy. Besides, if worse comes to worse, we can eat at a park. Not quite the same as eating in someone's home, but its nice weather. And I can put off cleaning my dump/home until the weekend.


Melinda Beth said...

Mmmmm. Arby's sounds so good! There is no shame in serving Beef and Cheddar!

Lydia said...

A tip from a professional telephone harasser: if you say "Put us on your do not call list" they are legally required to never call you again. If they do they can get a $500 fine or something.