Tuesday, August 18

Lazy Day, sick day

Last night I spent some time in the bathroom because I wasn't feeling so good. I assumed it was because I ate a hamburger and cheese burrito right before bed. I also had a bit of a dry cough, but hopes it was dust in my room or something like that.

This morning everyone got up around the time Daniel left for work. Alice refuses to sleep if he is downstairs or leaving. He put her in bed with me and she acted like she would leave, then she realized he wasn't getting in bed and started crying and climbing down the stairs.

We ate some cereal, watched some Elmo, and I hid the 3 cans of pop she had been carting around all day yesterday.

Then I figured why not do some yoga. Get it done early. Maybe it would bore Alice enough she would want to go back to sleep.

Well, I started coughing about 1 minute into the warm up. Then I felt the serenity of the pose. All over the floor.

Alice said "Uh-oh" I told her not to touch it and ran upstairs for wash cloths to clean it up. I came back, wiped up the mess. Alice helped with her own wash cloth (after I had it clean of course) and I fetched one of the cans of pop. What? Its ginger ale. That calms the stomach.

Alice chose a movie, and we are going to try and do very little today. Watch Shrek, drink ginger ale, maybe nap. I hope for that third option. The first 2 are guaranteed.

At least I did some cleaning up last night while Daniel was in night school. First day of his human relations course! He didn't learn anything except that his teacher is a freak. She has 7 Yorkies, 4 guinea pigs and 4 hamsters and is on the faculty of 7 universities in the Kansas City metro. I bet she has no family or life. You know aside from her 15 'children.'

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Melinda Beth said...

Ugh!! I hope you feel better!