Tuesday, September 29

How fat is my baby?

Today we had a hard core ultrasound. Fourty minutes long, and it started 40 minutes late. I got home from the doctor about 2 hours after getting into the office.

We have a long armed fat gutted child inside. Don't worry, his head and brain size are right on par. Almost puny in comparison.

He will be a monkey boy. A monkey boy with an 88th percentile waist and 70+ percentile arm length. Go him. I don't remember the leg lengths, but they weren't reading at 27-29 weeks like his arms and gut.

He is overall a good 3 ounces bigger than his fellow 26 week old feti. What a show off. I think I deserve pudding for that. Don't worry we have snack-paks.


Julie P said...

I am jealous that you get more ultrasounds!! I begged my doctor for another one :) She is going to do it monday.... just a quick peek so I can make sure all of his finger and toes are still there. Yes, I know I am a spaz that is what I told my doctor too. I just want to make sure everything is ok in there!!! Last sono at 18 weeks.... I will be 30w4d with this one it is just too long of a time to go without seeing my Tater!!!

Melinda Beth said...

Why did you get another ultrasound at 26 weeks? Fat babies are so much better than skinny babies. My 20 month old still has fat rolls on her legs. I love them.

Becca said...

I was measuring big, and they wanted to check the kid and make sure there was still only one and everything was ok. I will have another later on though because his kidneys were right on the cutoff of being too small. Though, the doc assumes they are probably fine.