Sunday, September 13

Before Church Rant

Church starts in 20 minutes. We will probably be late.

The rant is because I just got a phone call asking me to help out in the nursery today.

The nursery.


You would think these people think I like children!

Why do I never get called to substitute for any other primary class?

Just the heathen nursery. I swear I am the only one they ever call. I don't know why.

Are they incapable of asking a dad of a kid to help out? Do all the other moms flat our refuse? Am I just gullible?

You know being almost 6 months pregnant I should get some breaks.

I hate being pissed off when I go to church. Especially since I will probably sweat even more than the typical pregnant woman thanks to running like a furnace. Boo on you nursery.

Lets hope I don't end up getting hormonal and crying. Being pissed off is easier to hide.

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