Thursday, September 24


I had a dream last night that I was making a quilt. I wanted the pattern to be in long rectangles (I think its called coin slot pattern or something). Of course the only solution was to stretch one end of the quilt so I would get the long thin rectangles I wanted. Aren't dreams strange.

I have officially removed old laundry tabs AND removed the front velcro stuff from 8 of my 10 (current project) BumGenius diapers. I thought it was 9 last night, but one of them got mixed into the completed pile. After the 2nd one, I figured out I could seam rip some of it, then grab the inner layer and the outer layers and RIIIIP them apart. A much faster way to remove serging and topstitching. Just waiting for loop APlix to come in the mail already.

I have looked at snap presses, then looked at the price and moved on. Seriously, I wold have to start a business to make up for the cost of one of those bad boys. Even used ones are a good $100. I know there is another solution, but instead I have chosen to forget. That means its not important.

I still haven't made M&M chocolate chip cookies. I thought about it, but the dishes need done, and making cookies would start a whole new sink of dishes. Daniel has class tonight, so it still might happen. We still have most of the bag of M&Ms to go.

Visiting Teaching for the month. DONE!

LINK sign up sheet: filled! After calling a million people Monday, and taking a pile of stuff down there Thursday I will be free until December. I don't count Thanksgiving since we will be out of town (I will do a sign up, and hand it all off to someone else.)

I need to remember to go by Target and buy spaghetti sauce (the Market Fresh or whatever the store brand is called is on sale for 87 cents a jar). For that matter spaghetti-o's are on sale at Hyvee this week, as is the Betty Crocker pizza crust mix. I bet we buy a ton cause thats how we roll. At least a ton of the spaghetti-o's. They are the perfect back up lunch to keep in a desk at work. They are also good at home. I eat them from the can with no shame.

I have cleaned nothing (aside from necessary living room and dining room maintenance) since the weekend. It has been nice.

I am going to the service project/women's conference on Saturday and I can't decide if I should take a sewing machine. If I do, should I take spare needles and bobbins? Should I just take the machine and call it good? Should I take my dull scissors that work, or just the really nice ones that are easy to use?

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