Sunday, September 27

Comments make me feel validated

Yes, I am trolling for comments. Besides who wants to read the title "to do list of the week." Even though, the to-do list is SUPER exciting.

Weather report for Tuesday and Wednesday...highs in the uppers 70s, low Tues night 39!!!!, some clouds Wed, no rain. What does that mean??

1. Replace front window. That is a Daniel project. But, he wanted a heads up of 2 days in a row (preference on Tues and Wed) with good weather for window removal and replacement.

I might not say anything and let him read this on his lunch break Monday. (he fell asleep with Alice at 8:30)

2. Sew the velcro tabs onto the otherwise completely overhauled BumGenius diapers! I am pretty sure I will have to adjust the bobbin tension back since I can't remember if I did that after sewing the charity blankets at the Relief Society service project thingy.

Daniel was all excited that I had done 7 diaper covers because I sent them through the dryer to seal up any holes in the PUL already. No sorry, didn't have time to add velcro tabs yet.

3. Figure out where I want to store the eight million bottles of cleaners that we got last week. If we get H1N1, I have enough cleaners to disinfect the house top to bottom every day for months. If we don't we have a good 2 year supply.

4. Return the house to pre-weekend condition. Lets just say, the BumGenius overhaul along with me going away for 8 hours leaving Daniel and Alice alone to rampage = lots that needs done. Mild cleaning happened this evening because it was so horrible, but it was so much prettier Thursday.

5. Finish moving the crib to Alice's room. If that happens additional cleaning and furniture room swapping will occur. But none of that can happen easily until the crib is in place.

6. Buy another layer of blackout curtians/blinds/something for Alice's windows. Getting up at 6:30am, refusing to nap, and throwing tired tantrums all day has got to STOP.

7. Stop eating tomatoes and tomato sauce. I have had a few heartburn free days, then I had spaghetti. Man was it good.


Kate said...

I hear you about number 6!!!!!!! Blackout shades would be awesome for naptimes around here.

Let me know if you need help!!! I would love to babysit Alice whenever, or come over and help you clean, or just chat!!! :) give me a call...on Seth's number-760-2977:)

Becca said...

Confirmation! Tuesday and Wednesday are a go. I might even drag Daniel to the sonogram at 10:30am. Since he has the whole day off, he has no excuse of it being a bad time of day to get out of work for an hour or so.

Julie P said...


Still super impressed that you cloth diaper!