Wednesday, September 9

Alice update post!

I haven't had a "mommy blog" post in a while, so here goes.

Alice is talking more. Thank goodness. We were afraid that she stopped saying words she had been in favor of dragging us to the desired object.

She now says yes.

Holy cow.


Seriously, we have heard no's of all volume and emphasis, but never anything in the affirmative for so long. The closest she would get would be delighted giggles or squeals.

And then it happened. She was dragging me into the kitchen for something to eat. I tried several options. Then I asked bagel? and pointed to the bag.

"Yeah!" giggle and squeal. To her a bagel with cream cheese is like a really fancy graham cracker with frosting. Lets just say, she would probably live on graham crackers and frosting if we let her.

Then tonight we were taking dinner to a family in our ward, and I realized there was a solitary chocolate chip cookie left over from scouts still in the car. I gave her a piece.

Then she wanted more. whine, whine, I am a toddler whine.

"Mom cookie."

She got the rest. What can I say, it was positive reinforcement. Of course, once it was gone she screamed until she passed out. Good times. Good times.

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