Wednesday, September 2

Done list!

~Put cookies away from yesterday. (Yes, thats 3 dozen 'flops' and 2 dozen {for next week} cub scout cookies.)

~Moved the food storage under the side table in the dining room.

~ Vacuumed the dining room! Its been way too long.

~ Vacuumed the living room. Just ignore the 96 crayons and the mister potato head that are all over now. They weren't there 5 minutes ago.

~ Changed a poopy diaper. Ok, that wasn't exactly on the list, but whatever.

~ Started a cub scout worksheets notebook. The worksheets make it easier for me to get requirements done. Plus, if we still have the calling next year all the planning will be taken care of!

~ Got inspired for the food storage class on the 19th!

~ just realized the laptop is dead. OOps!

1 comment:

Melinda Beth said...

I totally make Done Lists too! Since I've never do anything on my To Do list it makes so much more sense to celebrate what I did do instead.