Sunday, September 20

5:30 am on a Sunday

Why am I awake? Its a combo of going to bed at 8pm and Daniel staying up until 4am writing a paper for school.

Completed lists!

My list:
1. Finished emptying and organizing cabinets
2. Rearranged pantry and moved some food to kitchen
7. Find a place to store water storage besides dining room floor (comp room)
10. Sell/store mini fridge (in garage, might sell, but its out of the house!)
11. Steam Clean carpet and couch again.
12. Repair quilt we are Using as a couch cover. Its hand stitched between panels and some of the stitching had come loose. (Done, but its gotten dirty AGAIN)
19. Freecycle our DVD shelf that we aren't using any more because its an Alice sized Ladder (they were supposed to pick up last night, but its in front of the house still)

On Daniel's list:
6. Install pull out plastic drawer system under bathroom sink (I did this with just a screwdriver and Alice's assistance Friday morning. Super easy)
7. Hang bathroom cupboard over toilet. (A little farther left than ideal, but it was the only way to install it on studs, and I wanted it secure, even if someone climbs it somehow)

The roof project didn't happen because the neighbor's ladder was unavailable for roof access. I think the neighbor down the street is using it since he got laid off and has days free now. Daniel did crawl up into the attic to make sure our leak was what we thought it was. We found out the insulation was moved by the people that installed the dryer vent before we bought the house in 2007. Yeah, there was a HUGE pile of the loose insulation over by the leak and nothing on the side near the dryer vent. I guess its good we found that out. You know, 2 years later.

I have also bought a pile more cloth diapers, some needing some repairs, that are the same as the ones i have already repaired of our own. I also bought some free for shipping newborn size diapers. All from That place is a little addictive. You find something, paypal pay someone, and then a little while later you have all these expensive cloth diapers for a fraction of the cost. Example: BumGenius 2.0s with repairs started (yeah no seam ripping for me!) and stuff to repair them 9 diapers and inserts for $51.50 including shipping. A steal I tell you. I spent $18/diaper when I bought from the manufacturer before Alice was born. They now have a 3.0 they sell instead, and we have some of those, but they are wearing out faster than the 2.0's did. I will be returning them for replacements before the year warranty is up in March.

So yeah. The weekend was a time of house purging, reorganization, and cleaning. It was a good one. Even though no one showed up for my food storage class. NO ONE. and the house was so clean too. sigh.


Melinda Beth said...

Awww. So sad no one showed up for your class! At least you had a clean house!

Chelsea said...

I'm sorry no one showed up to your class. I was supposed to go canning but I got sick Friday night and it ruined my whole weekend.