Tuesday, September 8

To do list (well sort of a work in project list)

1. Replace elastic in diapers. I don't know why Hancocks didn't have swimsuit elastic (or at least elastic labeled that way). I came home with some well priced elastic though, so I will just replace and call it good.

2. Cut out hooter hider. Yes I am making one. Its also called a nursing cover, but I like the name hooter hider. Call it my schlectness. (yes not a real word, but schlectness celebrates all things bad or at least taboo). Its sort of a trial run, but I think it will go well. Its all straight lines!

3. Finish priming the upstairs bathroom. I was up late last night (because sleep was not happening). I started it, but it was hot, and I probably didn't have enough ventilation, and I wasn't going to possibly wake Alice to steal her floor fan. It actually looks pretty good in the places where I primed. I admit surprise this morning. I really doubt any more will happen while I am alone with Alice though. I can just see her stepping in the primer and leaving footprints all over the carpet. and on me.

After that, we just need to mud coat, sand and prime again. It will look good, and we can put up the cupboard and towel racks that I have had for a while now (less than a year, most of summer and some spring). Yes, there is lots of motivation in our house. /end sarcasm

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Julie P said...

a hooter hider... your so funny. I do like that better though. i just like saying hooter.... :)

i am so impressed by your cloth diapering. My Daniel and I were talking about that last night and how it would save money but I told him i refuse. Sorry Mother Earth I just can't rinse out poopy diapers. I just want to wad them up and toss them :):) I told him I am going to breast feed... I am not going to be a cow and a poopy diaper rinser too. Is that bad?

Now you need to make a teepee peepee cover.... to go with the hooter hider!