Thursday, September 3

A Day of Cooking!

Holy Cow my kitchen (and dishwasher consequently) have been busy lately. Everything for LINK is taken care of. In fact, I don't have to even think about LINK until December! (Well, maybe November, but we don't serve again until December). Thank goodness. I have lots of other stuff to do.

I cooked my 'high protein' casserole this morning. It was a rotini casserole with buttloads {technical term!} of hamburger and additional Hamburger TVP added. I ate some. It was good, but much better with cheese. I sent it with cheese layered in the middle and on top. You can never go wrong with lots of cheese.

I have also diced 5 lbs of potatoes, an onion, celery, and baby carrots. Those are in the crockpot becoming potato soup

Last, but not least, I have the little 6 cup slow cooker (imitation crockpot) heating up stuff that will hopefully become some yummy tasting PB fondue. I will know more at a later date. You know, when it actually melts.

I am also going to try making a roasted tomato vinegrette dressing. If it turns out good, I will have a great solution for some of the millions of cherry tomatoes that are still coming off that poor blighted plant. How a plant can look so bad and still produce so much food is an emigma to me.

In a non cooking note, I have hewn some flowers for the centerpieces, and half of them are dropping petals like crazy. I hope we have enough. My phone totally died, so I can't contact anyone about back up flowers. Sad sad times.


Melinda Beth said...

Ok, so what is LINK and PB fondue? I'm not up on my acronyms, My tomato plants are totally blighted too. Sad!

Becca said...

LINK is sort of like a soup kitchen at a local church, that all the different religious groups take turns being in charge of.

PB fondue is peanut butter fondue. Think of it like warmed, thinned peanut butter with sweetener. Good with bananas and celery.

Chelsea said...

how'd it go?

Becca said...

It went well. Much better than expected. Of course, I in my infinite optimism, expected few to show up and lots of failure. PB fondue is good, BTW. I might make it sometime again.