Tuesday, September 15

News from the homefront

1. A person got called to be a cub scout leader! Sure its for the Webelos, so we will likely still have bears and wolves, but at least someone got called! He is a grad student and has no kids of his own so he should be fine with 6 10 year old boys, right? I figure we plan to do things together at least once a week. Then we will have everyone work on belt loops together. I haven't told him though.

2. You know how I was excited that LINK was over until December? Well, I was wrong. We got asked for a sort of last minute assistance October 1st (yeah in 2 weeks!). Apparently one of the other churches has been having problems getting enough volunteers and running out of food, so they called us. It should be fun, I guess. I already plan on not going if possible. At least we won't have enrichment the same night.

3. Daniel's work changed their time off policy (AGAIN) so he can keep none of his accrued time off next year. He will be able to have one week off for parental leave though. He has 7 unaccounted for days we need to use in the next few months.

4. I made us a MAJOR to do list of 32 things. It has everything I want done before the kid gets here. It ranges from change light bulb in garage to replacing the windows. OK, so the light bulb is the exception to the rule. But still, that will be one easy check mark. I seperated the list by area. Exterior work, upstairs, and downstairs. I figure we plan the outdoor ones to be done first, and if the weather is rainy, we will do interior instead. The interior list is longer anyway. Some of the things I can do, but will be easier without a toddler's assistance. But at least we have it all out there now. All on the front of our fridge. Which needs cleaned by the way.

5. I am already getting Christmas gifts together. A wee bit early, I know, but this way I can order all the 'rewards' and more that take up to 8 weeks processing, and I will get them in plenty of time for the holidays. I got one in yesterdays mail. It was exciting.

6. We got a copy of Alice's birth certificate. We have proof that she is an infant for flight purposes, and she will be covered by our insurance next year. (They are having an audit.) Its only been 20 months, we aren't slackers right?

Anyway, I should get back to Yoga. Daniel called right when it started. He asked me to make the list, and I thought I should blog. Just so, you know it won't be just the annoyed Sunday post at the top. Lots of planing and cleaning to go too! Besides the list. Cause I didn't include current me only projects. Yeah, I am totally nuts.

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