Friday, October 2

Things I love

  • Moving the high chair in front of the TV so breakfast takes Alice 2 hours to eat while she giggles and laughs at Spirited Away.
  • Hot foods! Its stinking cold in our house, and the tarp is here for one more day. I am searching out the food storage hot cocoa. Or at least a recipe to make hot cocoa since i have a bunch of dutch hot cocoa to use. I am leaning toward Alton Brown's recipe. Yum. I am also having oatmeal for breakfast. Nothing like hot cereal to start the morning out right.
  • Good neighbors and friends. I literally had the neighbor knock on the door and insist we let them help us put the windows in. I will tell Daniel he is not allowed to work late, and should even consider leaving early. I mean, he can always work tomorrow if the window is done this afternoon. If i would have said it was ok, I think they would have started putting the windows in and have them dine before Daniel even gets home. But I think it will be better for Daniel to help and get some sort of happy feeling about the whole project.


disillusioned said...

I'm sorry your window is taking so long/being such a pain! And what a chilly/rainy/windy week to do it! Good luck!

Mary P.

Gar said...

Sounds like a good move for the high chair. Being here with Shane is giving me a good idea about what life is like with an almost two year old. I guess I should have said a review since I did know very well at one time. I'm cold because I'm used to hot, I can imageine what it is like to have a window out. If you're going to do bedrooms to I think I would wait until summer, and I would take all the help I could get. As of this morning Com Ed still hasn't turned on the electric in the townhouse which is hampering things considerably. It fact it makes it almost impossible to work on the bathrooms and the one upstairs definately needs to be done before they install the carpet Monday, plus they need to get the tile installed in the kitchen and both baths.

Becca said...

Mary - its only taking a long time because Daniel does not like to ask for help. Just a little bit of pride, I assume.

Danno said...

Actually, I had already been planning on contacting some people for some help today. I just felt weird about asking the neighbors because I don't really talk to them... not that the home teachers would have been much better since I don't even know them.

Melinda Beth said...

Cayenne pepper in hot cocoa? That's interesting. I use this recipe
My kids and I did an experiment one time and tested different recipes. The confectioner's sugar ones were definitely the best. I also like the non-instant hot cocoa and non-dairy creamer in it.

But go for yours and tell me how the pepper tastes in it.