Friday, October 16

Toddler Music Class

It was a success! (From what I have been told at least) . We used the big legos (Mega Blocks) and built a tower/castle. Each piece had a song listed on it. We repeated a couple of songs since we let kids choose their favorites as a few of the options, but they didn't seem to mind.

We prepped for 25 kids, but there were only 22 plus moms (and a couple of people I think were grandparents). And not all of them did the 'craft' (we made ghosts out of tissues and tootsie roll pops). I think it went over pretty well.

Except for Alice. She yelled at the kids for using her toys. She cried randomly in several of the songs. She broke the tower/castle several times. *sigh* kids.

Next week we are having a Halloween carnival. The grade school kids are out of school, so its the week before Halloween. I signed up to help with a craft. I got told that usually we make lollipop ghosts (go figure). Since we have leftover lollipops, I am going to use them. I think we might make mummies and pumpkins instead of ghosts though. Especially since we will have older kids there. I might even let them use the glue gun (don't worry its cold melt).

Its either that or something totally different. Like masks from paper plates, to spiders and bats from egg cartons. We would just need to eat a lot of eggs between now and next Friday. At least we will have a properly functioning car next week. That will be exciting.


Danno said...

I can eat a lot of eggs!

Gar said...

Shane loves to sing action songs and has lots of favorites, I found this out while I was staying with them. I think deversifiying from ghosts would be a good idea too. Sounds like you had a good turn out all things considered. It's not unusual for kids to resent their unsolicited use of their toys.. Gar